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Apple’s new smartwatch 6: 23.09.2020 India Starting from ₹40,900 MRP

Apple's new smartwatch 6
Apple’s new smartwatch 6

Apple’s new smartwatch series 6 India launch date 23rd sep 2020 Starting from ₹40,900 MRP

Apple’s new smartwatch can detect blood oxygen levels throughout the day and night. It charges faster than its predecessors, but has the same 18-hour battery life as the Series 5.

The key upgrades, though, are within the watch itself, with the new S6 chipset inside allowing for a more powerful chipset, (theoretically) better battery life and a blood oxygen monitor to allow you to see how much of that vital O2 is pumping around your system.

It’s simple enough to use. You fire up the Blood Oxygen app, keep your wrist still for 15 seconds and wait as the app counts down, and then you’ll get a readout of the percentage of oxygen in your blood. The app also gives you some indication of what a ‘good’ reading looks like (between 95-100% is a-OK), but Apple stresses that this isn’t to be used in a medical setting, which diminishes the trust in it somewhat.

The display is another change that Apple’s brought to the party with the new Watch 6 – while it’s the same OLED technology we’ve seen for years, Apple is continuing with the ‘always-on’ display of the Watch 5, so you can just glance down at your wrist and see the time.

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